The Baby Spa Sherwood Park is the first of it’s kind in Western Canada. By offering such a unique and special service, parents now have an alternative method to addressing the health and wellness of their babies. From sleeping issues, Colic and even constipation, float therapy and massage can be used to help calm the discomfort your baby may feel.

The Baby Spa was created with moms in mind. It was designed to promote the feeling of comfort and security. When you become a parent you’re automatically a part of a very special community and in this space moms/parents can strengthen the bonding process with their new baby and also meet new friends while sharing their experiences with others. There are many benefits here for mom also.


Tara, Owner of The Baby Spa

My name is Tara and I am the owner and creator of The Baby Spa. I am so proud to be the first and only facility in Western Canada offering these unique services. With such special services in mind, my vision was to create a warm, inviting space for all caregivers in hopes it leaves them feeling part a community and I feel I have accomplished that.

My motivation to create The Baby Spa was to provide parents with an alternative option to their baby’s health and wellness. All services offered promote development, confidence, exercise and the most popular-relief from minor ailments such as gas, constipation and Colic.

I’ve had the privilege of developing many friendships since the spa has opened. Sometimes being a mom/parent can be very isolating and I’m always willing to chat, lend an ear to listen or in some cases a shoulder to cry on. I myself was a stay at home mom until I opened the spa. I have three grown kids of my own, so I know how difficult it can get. I can relate to almost anything you throw at me! The spa is a safe place free of judgment and everyone who steps through the door is welcome!

Kaitlyn Laliberte, Registered Massage Therapist

I'm Kaitlyn Laliberte, a Registered Massage Therapist working out of The Baby Spa. I have been in the industry since 2014 and have loved every step of my journey. I have spent the last two years focusing my practice on pediatric patients. Part of my passion to become a pediatric RMT was when I became a mom in 2020. Although sometimes motherhood has its challenges I have loved and wanted to expand my knowledge to help other moms and their kids. 

As I watched my daughter grow from and infant to a toddler, I realized that their bodies are constantly changing at a fast rate. Massage Therapy for kids is just as important as it is for adults. Creating a safe assessable, comfortable treatment is my highest priority.