About The Baby Spa

The Baby Spa Sherwood Park is the first of it’s kind in Western Canada. By offering such a unique and special service, parents now have an alternative method to addressing the health and wellness of their babies. From sleeping issues, Colic and even constipation, float therapy and massage can be used to help calm the discomfort your baby may feel.

The Baby Spa was created with moms in mind. It was designed to promote the feeling of comfort and security. When you become a parent you’re automatically a part of a very special community and in this space moms/parents can strengthen the bonding process with their new baby and also meet new friends while sharing their experiences with others. There are many benefits here for mom also.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that an active baby is a healthy baby. At any age, staying active is a very important key to health and wellness.
  • The bonding process between you and your baby is an essential part of their development. When little ones receive nurturing touch, smiles or cuddles consistently, it makes them feel safe to explore, learn, play and thrive all while providing the foundation for emotional wellbeing.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors, we limit guests to 2 persons per baby.

We also require parents to leave siblings at home, this is to ensure all of your attention is on your baby.

If you or your baby are feeling under the weather, please refrain from coming to the spa. We would be happy to reschedule your session for you.