Therapeutic Baby Float & Massage

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Float Tubs

Our float tubs are filled with filtered water from a custom filtration system and are specifically designed for little ones. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child to float individually or in a group. Our quiet, warm and nurturing space provides the perfect environment to reintroduce your baby to water.

Baby Massage

Adding massage to your baby’s routine is beneficial in many ways. Whether it’s for the health benefits or simply wanting to enhance your bond, it provides such a great head start in the health and wellness of your baby.

Baby Health Tips

Routine and consistency is very important in your child’s development. Making float and massage a part of your regular routine will have many benefits, not only just for your baby but for the whole family. If baby is less fussy, more content and sleeping better, the whole family benefits!



Hydrotherapy has many health benefits for all babies. The movement through water can neutralize the effects of gravity allowing your baby to move freely which has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems, relieving gas and/or constipation, reducing the meconium levels and can reduce the risk of jaundice 3 or 4 days after birth.


Using the resistance of water can also increase muscular and skeletal strength providing a complete body workout strengthening your baby’s heart and lungs. Water pressure on the chest can increase the lung’s capacity. Together with the temperature of the water and the water itself, hydrotherapy can relieve pain, stress and discomfort while at the same time promote relaxation and comfort for your baby.


Combining the water pressure and the temperature of the water, hydrotherapy allows stimulation of the nervous system promoting healing within. Being submerged into the warm water can help reduce stress, improve digestion, muscle tone, sleep quality and blood circulation. Hydrotherapy can boost your baby’s immune system! Even if your baby falls asleep in the water, the rocking motion of the water from their movement will continue with his/her rhythmic breathing.


Massage Therapy studies have shown that an infant’s crying and fussiness, constipation, colic and so many other ailments can be greatly reduced by routinely massaging an infant. Massage will reduce stress hormones and promote the happy hormones therefore boosting baby’s mood and yours as well!


Along with the multiple health benefits of massage therapy, being hands on, maintaining eye contact and the intimate act of the massage itself will strengthen the bonding process with your baby and deepen the connection you already have. Bonding with your baby doesn’t just happen in the short time after he/she is born. It is a continuous process that carries on through every stage of your baby’s life.

The Benefits of BABY MASSAGE

Baby massage provides benefits in many categories such as interaction. The nurturing touch can give your baby a feeling of secure attachment, bonding and the feeling of being loved and respected. Massage provides stimulation of all major systems within the body, brain development and strengthening coordination and balance while promoting growth and weight gain. Relaxation and relief from pain, gas(or colic), discomfort from growing pains, excess mucus and congestion, excessive crying and reduced cortisol levels are all benefits your little one can experience from massage.